MATLAB Installation For Windows at Ryerson University

MATLAB 30-day Expiry Message?

If you have been using MATLAB successfully and you are getting a warning about the license expiring in 30 days, you need to update your MATLAB license file, by follow the steps in the License Upgrade Guide.

MATLAB Installation Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff at Ryerson University, who wish to install Matlab for Microsoft Windows. Matlab is also available for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.


  • You will need a My.Ryerson account ( to register at Mathworks. YOU CANNOT USE YOUR,,, etc. addresses. It must be your address.
  • You will need the latest Java Runtime Environment to proceed with the installation.

STAGE 1: Register & Associate your Mathworks Account

You will be required to be logged-in to a computer on the Ryerson network during this stage.

Proceed with Stage 1: Register & Associate with Mathworks

STAGE 2: Download/Activate Matlab

You will require approximately 2 GB of free disk space on your computer.

Proceed with Stage 2: Download/Activate Matlab



Available Toolboxes

A list of Matlab toolboxes that Ryerson University has licensed.

Installation for OS X and GNU/Linux

This guide does not cover installation of Matlab for other platforms as the installation procedures are platform specific but the Registration/Activation stages, as specified above for Windows, are identical.

Once you have downloaded the License Key, the Matlab installer and Matlab packages to your computer, you no longer need to be connected to the Ryerson network to install Matlab.