Jun. 20, 2017 • $360K NSERC CRD GRANT • Sri Krishnan has been awarded a 3-year NSERC CRD Grant with 20/20 Armor titled, "Robust electronic scoring analysis system for recreational and professional taekwondo sports".
The total value of the sports analytics project is $480K with a $360K Collaborative Research and Development grant from NSERC and $120K of in-kind donations.
Jun. 14, 2017 • $250K NSERC CRD GRANT • Naimul Khan was awarded an NSERC CRD Grant in partnership with SimentIT Inc. titled "A Novel Augmented Reality Framework for Enriching Museum Exhibits".
The joint project with Ling Guan and Andy Ye, aims to develop new, disruptive ways of experiencing museum exhibits through augmented reality. The developed technology will be deployed at the newly renovated Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. Total value of the grant is $375K ($250,000 from NSERC, $125,000 from industry).
Jun. 12, 2017 • COMMERCIALIZING INVENTIONS • Victor Yang is an engineering professor who is also a brain surgeon at Sunnybrook Hospital.
He has collaborated with students and Ryerson Futures to develop 7D Surgical, a groundbreaking image guided surgical navigation system that is now approved for use in North American hospitals.
May. 24, 2017 • V. YANG ON CTV NEWS • Victor Yang was interviewed on CTV News about his research on spinal injuries.
May 24, 2017 • NSERC INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH CHAIR • Ebrahim Bagheri has been awarded the prestigious NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Social Media Analytics.
The motivation for the establishment of this chair, valued at $1.5 million over five years, is to develop a world-class research program and increased research capacity in the area of social and semantic technologies, and particularly their application to derive actionable insight through social media analytics.
ryerson logo May. 24, 2017 • $150K NSERC RESEARCH GRANT • Muhammad Jaseemuddin and Xavier Fernando were awarded another NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) grant.
The joint research project is with industrial partner Peytec Inc. for the project titled, "A Scalable Wireless Positioning Sensor Network For Industrial Automation". Total value of the grant is $305,520 ($150,000 from NSERC, $75,000 from industry and $80,520 worth of industry in-kind donations).
May. 15, 2017 • ESCH ENGINEERING INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD • The Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award 2016/17 was awarded to Sehar Rija, Sharif Mansour and Sergiu Mocanu for their Capstone project titled, "Reconstructive Surgical Assistant" supervised by Dr. Victor Yang.
Current methods of imaging three-dimensional anatomical features are bulky, expensive, and expose the patient to radiation. A novel approach has been developed with the use of the Google Tango tablet development kit to offer a cheap, portable, and non-irradiating imaging modality. With the use of structured light emitters and transducers on the device, the software, developed in Android Studio, is able to capture point cloud frames of its surroundings and its location and orientation in space and save it into a practical format. The exported data was then analyzed in MATLAB to manipulate the data through rotation, merging, and symmetry calculations. The proposed combination of the pieces of software offer alternatives for operating physicians to quickly image a patient’s anatomy and perform necessary analysis.
May. 1, 2017 • CAPSTONE PROJECT PRIZE WINNERS • Below, is the list of Capstone projects that won prizes at the 2017 Open House. In addition to the Marzio Pozzuoli Award ($10,000), the Department Gold Award was a Samsung Frontier Watch (approx. $500 value), the Silver Award was an Eleduino Raspberry Pi 3 Super Integrated Computer Kit with LCD Monitor (approx. $200 value) and the Bronze Award was a Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit (approx. $100 value). Each team member of the winning project received the corresponding prize.
The rest of the participants and projects can be found in the Open House photo album.
Marzio Pozzuoli Award Intelligent Bin:
Reza Mahzari, Kajen Rajasegaram, Thibisan Balachandran.
Supervised by F. Yuan.

ELCE Gold AwardIntelligent Charging Station And Management System For Electric Vehicles:
Chen Che, Samuel Lee, Mehmet Boran.
Supervised by Dr. Xu.

ELCE Silver Award Autonomous “Sniffing” Robot To Track Hazardous Gas Leaks:
Daniel Yee, Michael Marmeto, Karam Namek.
Supervised by Dr. Kassam.

ELCE Bronze Award Sensor Based Remote Control of Machining Systems:
A. Bradau, S. Garuba, R. Gordon.
Supervised by Dr. Anpalagan.
BME Gold Award First 500 Days:
George Endo, Victor Alexandru, Ibukun Oluwayomi.
Supervised by Dr. Krishnan

BME Silver Award Auditory Scene Analysis For Wildlife Conservatories:
Devahasan Krishnakumar, Mena El-Masry, Zardar Khan.
Co-supervised by Dr. Mai & Dr. Umapathy.

BME Bronze Award Cuffless Bloodpressure Monitoring:
Amnyah Almahouzi, Susanne Tiraei, Toka Alnaser.
Supervised by Dr. Krishnan.
Apr. 22, 2017 • DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR THURAIRAJAH MEMORIAL AWARD • Xavier Fernando is the first recipient of the Distinguished Professor Thurairajah Memorial Award for outstanding technical achievements among Tamil diaspora. This award was given on April 22, 2017 at a ceremony at the Scarborough Convention Center by the TGTE, an international organization. Thurairajah was a leading Sri Lankan Tamil academic and vice-chancellor of the University of Jaffna.
Mar. 22, 2017 • PROFESSOR OF THE MONTH • Xavier Fernando was selected as Professor of the Month by the Ryerson chapter of the IEEE.
ryerson logo Mar. 13, 2017 • $380K RESEARCH GRANT • Xavier Fernando and Muhammad Jaseemuddin have been successful in securing a $380,000 grant from Ontario Centers of Excellence and Peytec Inc. for the project entitled: "Building a Fully Automated and Descriptive Asset & Inventory Management System for Advanced Manufacturing" under the Voucher for Innovation and Productivity II (VIP II) program.
ryerson logo Jan. 24, 2017 • SPRING TRANSITION • To all 3rd and 4th year COE and ELE students: This Spring we will be running a few select 4th year courses in the Spring Transition. More...
Jan. 16, 2017 • NEW FACULTY • The Department welcomes April Khademi to the faculty. A graduate of Ryerson, she was an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Guelph, and Director of the Image Analysis in Medicine Lab (IAMLAB), specializing in the design of algorithms for Pathology and Radiology images.