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The Java abacus and this site has been featured in many books and magazines and has distinguished itself enough to be honoured with sundry Web awards. I was even surprised to be offered Java-related employment by several companies. Thanks to everyone who took the time to recognize this achievement.

Note: Many of the links here will not work; they remain for historical reasons.

Sun Alpha Java Applet Programming Contest
Honourable mention (fall 1995).

Hooked on Java Hooked on Java:
Featured among the Alpha Java Contest winners in the book and on the CD (winter 1996).

What's Cool @ Gamelan What's Cool at Gamelan (1995-1996); categorized under Educational/Math.

Gamelan's Best Java Gamelan's Best Java
CD/Book featuring the best Java applets at Gamelan (fall 1996).

JARS top 1% WebAppet Java Applet Rating Service
Rated Top 1% Web Appet (#A070612) by JARS.

Planet Science
Site of the Day.

Netscape Guide During the week of Oct. 17-24, 1996, the abacus appeared on Netscape's What's New page. During that week, it received over 2000 hits a day. Between January 1996 and December 1996, this page was accessed about 24,000 times with 2768 hits being the highest in a single day.
PC Magazine Appeared in the May 1997, Java Guide, issue of PC Magazine.
What is... Selected by theWhat is...? guide.
Discovery Channel School Selected as a valuable Internet resource for Discovery Channel School's Discover Magazine theme for fall 1997.
Knot A Braid of Links Cool Site of the Week for Sep. 28, 1998, selected by KaBoL, a service to the mathematics community offered by the Canadian Mathematical Society.
Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Award, Jan. 2000
Foundations of Java Foundations of Java CD.
Teach Yourself Java Workshop, chapter 13.

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