Proto-Typing Tips

Wire-Wrapping Techniques
Wire Wrapping is a simple and quick way to proto-type a circuit. The process uses specially designed sockets that have leads that are extra long and square in shape (Figure 1). Connections are made by wrapping the stripped end of a wire onto an terminal using a special tool. A Wire Wrap connection consists of a minimum of six closely wound turns of wire applied under tension (figure 2a and b). The sharp edges of the post imbed themselves into the wire and form a gas-tight contact. Check out the Links below for detailed information on wire wrapping.

Picture of Wire Wrap SocketFigure 1.

The standard Wire Wrap connection is shown in Drawing A.
Picture of Standard Wrap Figure 2a.

The modified wrap is shown in Drawing B. An additional turn of insulation provides strength and helps avoid short circuits.
Picture of Modified Wrap Figure 2b.Micro Scope photo of Modified Wrap

Wire Wrapping Tips

Picture of IC Socket and Wirewrap IDFigure 3      .Micro Scope Photo of wire wraped socket with ID plate

Scanned Image of Socket-Warp ID's OK International Socket-Wrap ID's
Socket-Wrap I.D. from OK International.

Popular Electronics, December 1977, Wire-Wrapping Techniques for computer Hobbyists / Adolph Mangieri Page 74.

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