Arm Biofeedback System for Parkinson's Disease Patients

Subaagari Seevaratnam, Rana Attalla, & Ahmad El-Falou
supervised by Dr. K. M. V. McConville

The overall objective of this work was to provide Parkinson's disease (PD) patients with a rehabilitation game to test and improve their arm mobility. This project entailed the creation of an interactive, virtual reality training system for arm biofeedback that incorporates movement types and exercises which have shown promising results for PD patients. The system facilitates the interaction with the patients through a user-friendly interface. It characterizes the performance of its users mainly through two non-invasive measurements: applied force using pressure sensors and a wireless interface, as well as position using the Microsoft Kinect system. Initial findings suggest that the system can be made robust to background movement in the field of view and that movements can be scaled by user proximity. The goal is to implement this system as an at-home rehabilitation routine that will increase accessibility and function for PD patients

Project targeted applications: