Integrated Remote Power System Monitor

Steve Selladurai, Kajendran Ramachandran, Sharmila Mahasivam
supervised by Dr. A. Anpalagan

Rapid growth in power industries and a decreased tolerance for unplanned shut downs industrial facilities focus more on integrating data between their locations using remote monitoring. Fault monitoring is a primary task to the industries since the occurrence of one fault will lead to sequential faults and will affect the entire system. This projects aims to design, develop and test a simulated integrated system for power utility substation monitoring, protection and control with focus given to wireless communication to remote devices. Software simulation and embedded implementation are used to simulate and validate the workings of the monitor as well as the substation. For testing purposes the power line model is designed using MATLAB. The power system control unit, command and control unit (CC unit) and communication medium are the main three parts of this project. Using MATLAB Simulink and GUI power system model was created. By simulating this power line its output data can be gathered. This information is then passed to the CC unit through a WiFi communication medium. The CC unit's task is to remotely monitor the power substation activity using a closed loop system. The CC unit and its GUI are implemented using Qt C++. The data from the substation is constantly sent to the CC unit where this data is then analyzed for faults. If faults are detected the CC unit accordingly shows which faults occurred and remotely communicates with the substation relaying the same information meanwhile indicating the overall systems status. The remote communication is achieved through the use of 802.11n/adhoc wireless protocol. After the system status is sent to the power substation it attempts to fix the faults accordingly or shuts down the system if the error cannot be handled. The aforementioned process can be done manually if the user wishes but the normal operation mode of the system is automated control.

Project targeted applications: MATLAB with GUI, Simulink, Qt C++, 802.11n/adhoc