Mobile Phone QoS Meter

Yi Huang, Azadeh Sadjedi, Yash Gandhi
supervised by Dr. Alagan Anpalagan , B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., Tor., P.Eng

With the number of cell phone users growing and the area covered by the cell phone companies expanding, it has become a major goal for cellular mobile companies to provide maximum possible throughput and best user experience in order to stay competitive in business. From the perspective of a network engineer, the graphical visualization of the state of the wireless network under different condition (i.e. , Area: rural, urban or sub-urban; weather conditions; frequency; height of the transmitter/receiver; distance between transmitter and receiver etc.) would be very useful in terms of pre-determining the parameters such as data rates and related (quality of service— QoS) metrics.

The goal of this project is to design, develop and implement a simulated wireless network prototype based on the WCDMA scheme with necessary graphical user interface (GUI) that displays available real-time data rates of a mobile radio phone in different locations under different variable conditions such as number of users in a cell and signal fading conditions. The implemented system level MATLAB stimulation shows: (1) wireless network (one cell) with user-selected number of stationary users and two moving users (2) QoS parameters such as received power, path loss, Instantaneous/average bit error rate (BER), shadowing, and multipath fading. To make the simulation comparable to real world scenarios, a user can input parameters such as mobile speed, height of the receiver, number of mobile users in a cell, and type of area in order to see the effect on the network performance.

Project targeted applications: iPhone/Android/BlackBerry Apps, Network Simulator for Cell-Phone companies (e.g. Bell, Rogers, and Telus)