Passive Wireless e-Health Card

Michael Adam Maas, Ramzy Jaber, Edward Rosales
supervised by Dr. Fei Yuan, Chair, Department of Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering

The Passive Wireless e-Health Card project is a project to develop a wireless chipset and antenna which can be embedded within a Health Card to allow wireless data storage and retrieval of Health Records & Patient Information. This will allow rapid and simple retrieval of patients basic health records both in the Hospital and Doctor's Office environments as well as in the field (at accident sites and similar). This will reduce time delays in treatment as well as reducing the risk that potential health hazards and/or medical or medication risks remain unknown when treating patients.

The chipset is a passively powered Wireless IC conforming to the ISO 14443 standard and operating at 13.56MHz with a 105.9KHz data rate. Power is harvested via an inductively coupled antenna which powers the IC, with an analog front end providing 10% ASK demodulation and BPSK modulation for the data interface to a Digital Block which allows both reading and writing of Patient data. Device range does not exceed 40cm as per the ISO 14443 standard and the design is capable of operating at higher data rates, although higher rates are not enabled in the current design. The device and antenna are capable of being embedded within any Credit Card sized container including standard health cards such as those issued by the Province of Ontario. The device is implemented on the IBM 130nm process and is entirely self-contained besides the antenna. Data Storage support allows for up to 16KB of memory, sufficient to store a patient's personal data along with basic medical records.

Project targeted applications: Wireless Health Cards and/or other embedded passive wireless applications in the health or related industries.