Remote Vehicle Tracking System with Accident Analysis

Ahmad Khan, Blesson Mathai, Zubin Panchal
supervised by Dr. Vadim Geurkov, Associate Professor

An event of vehicle accident may warrant imminent medical attention and might require significant amount of effort to deduce the cause of the accident and the party at fault. The information could help to infer the cause of the accident would be important not at only at the time of the accident but also in the future, for developing measures to prevent it from reoccurring. The data collected can be used to virtually recreate the accident for police investigation, especially if there is no witness and no clear party at fault. Additionally, the remote monitoring and control of the vehicle would be a way to a better future.

This project combines two functions into one system. Firstly, this system allows user to find the vehicle's position using GPS and send control messages through SMS messages. It is capable of parsing the incoming SMS messages and reacting to the specific message strings. So the user can send a text message to the system and retrieve the real-time location co-ordinates of the vehicle. Secondly, upon detecting an accident, it captures the location co-ordinates and motion information of the vehicle using accelerometer and stores all the information on a non-volatile memory. To add into the second function, the system sends the co-ordinates through a text message to a user specified number. Such a system would help in identifying and remedying potential road hazards, provide ample information to aid in insurance claims, provide quicker medical response to accidents (even in remote areas), give the peace of mind to users by making them aware that they can track vehicle position in case of thefts and remotely control the vehicle in general aspects. The system is modular and thus very scalable. More control features could be easily added by including more functional states.

Project targeted applications: Integrating it in vehicles as an aid to user, emergency response for ambulance, theft recovery for police and accident claims for insurance companies.