Smart Cellphone Interface for the Physically Challenged

Romina Forouzanfar and Najmeh (Setareh) Razfar
supervised by Dr. Mahmood (Mike) Kassam and Dr. Karthi Umapathy

It is not possible for most physically challenged individuals including arm amputated individuals to apply normal "cellphones" or "wired telephone sets", since they are not able to use their fingers and target either buttons or cellphone touch screen. This project proposes application of a single switch for these users in order to target and control a single switch and complete the common phone processes through a Smart Interface System. This interface would be capable of completion of simple functions such as receiving incoming calls, processing outgoing calls both through dialing and contact list on the smart interface. This interface controls the cellphone via the Bluetooth communication protocol which is supported by all smartphones and recent wired phones.

As a result this interface is composed of PIC24FJ256GB110 Microcontroller embedded controller and a Bluetooth Module (RN-42) that operates through a single-switch and processes the required functions through the connection with the cellphone. The Hands Free Profile (HFP) and Serial Port Profile (SPP) have been defined in the Bluetooth Module. The Bluetooth Module was used for transferring and receiving data from cellphone (Audio Gate) to the Microcontroller. The specially designed single switch is considered for this project that is capable of creating interrupts through user finger taps inserted on it and is connected to the development board via a de-bouncing circuit to assure insertion of one input at the time.

Therefore when interface is turned on, it asks for cell phone connection. At the moment of connection completion, it indicates the outgoing calls options, which are dialing and contact list. User would be able to choose any of them through a single click when desired option appears. If user chooses dialing each digit of phone number could be chosen through a click, while a loop of numbers from 0 to 9 would be presented from 10 consecutive times. If user chooses to process the call through the contact list, the list would be represented while each items remains on LCD for three seconds and user could click when the number of interest is seen. When selection of the desired number is completed via any of the two processes user is asked to either complete the dialing process or cancel and come back to the main menu. In case of receiving an incoming call user would be able to see the incoming number on the development board LCD and answer the call through a single switch. Termination of the call would be possible through a single switch as well. This device is compatible with iPhone and Android platform.

Project targeted applications: