Solid State Power Controller

Mitesh Patel, Sidhdharthkumar Patel, Omar Mirza
supervised by David Xu, (FLC)

The smart home concept has been vastly developing as it has become globally accepted. A variety of electronic devices are being produced to not only increase the efficiency of power usage, but to provide a means of providing green energy within our homes altogether. These innovative solutions will require a means of protection from damaging causes (e.g. weather, maintenance, etc). Our Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) aims to resolve this situation. More importantly, our SSPC aims to provide a protection system that not only secures electrical equipment, but does so wirelessly. The SSPC is comprised of a circuit breaker that does not implement any moveable parts. In today's standard, majority (if not all) circuit breakers are constructed with the use of relays. These relays degrade over time and thus, provide engineers an area in which requires improvement. The SSPC provides an assortment of protection schemes (over voltage, over current, etc) while simultaneously offering the user real-time data of significant measurements, waveforms, and full control of the SSPC itself. The user can request voltage, current and power measurements (along with their respective waveforms) and trip/reset the circuit breaker at any time simply through a host computer. This will provide fault diagnosis for the user, which also will act as a means of maintaining the system, rather than just protecting the system alone. The SSPC's features heavily outweigh the ones found within today's current-market circuit breakers and thus, should be taken very seriously for those whog aim to provide their electrical equipment with a protection system that does more than simply opening a circuit.

Project targeted applications:Industrial and consumer (primarily the smart home concept) use.