Three-Phase Single-Stage Grid Tied PV System

Nirav Patel, Raveenthan Thambirajah, Tissan Ravindra
supervised by Dr. A. Yazdani

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic (PV) systems represent one of the two main players in the renewable energy market today. The main purpose of this design is to convert Solar Energy (DC) into a three phase AC which can be connected to the Grid.

The project is composed of DC input (PV) which is connected to a 3 phase IGBT inverter, LC Filter and then finally a closed loop control system is implemented through a DSB to generate the gating signals. Our objective is to design, implement, and test a 2.5kW, single-stage, single-phase, grid-tied PV system.

Project targeted applications: Smart Home and Educational Purposes