RESERVATION PERIOD: Sep. 25 – Sep. 29, 2017 (8AM-5PM)


BME online topic reservations are to be made from the list of available topics. After topic selection week begins, as topics are reserved, check the remaining topics for availability. BME topics are posted on D2L.

  • Only free topics (topics that have not been already reserved) can be reserved online.
  • A topic may only be reserved by one team of THREE students. If the topic is not reserved by a team of THREE students, the reservation will be invalid.
  • Each topic may only be reserved online ONCE.
  • Once a team of THREE students has reserved a topic, they WILL NOT be permitted to change their selection.


  • The BME 700 students who do not yet have a topic, will divide into teams of three students.
  • During the reservation period each 3-student team will make ONE submission with 3 topics, in order of preference.
  • Everyday, at the end of the reservation period, the submissions will be processed and the results will be posted online (on this page) after 6PM, along with the remaining EDP topics available for selection on the following day.
  • Any team unable to reserve any one of their three choices will make a new a submission on the following day with 3 new EDP topics chosen from the list of remaining topics in order of preference.


At the end of each day, all submitted reservations will be shuffled to randomize the time of submission (meaning that a group that submits at 8:01AM will have the same chance as one that submits at 4:59PM) and will then be processed in three passes:

  • PASS 1: all the first choices will be processed;
  • PASS 2: teams not able to reserve a topic in the first pass, will have their second choice processed;
  • PASS 3: teams not able to reserve a topic in the second pass, will have their third choice processed;

The results of the tabulating will be posted on this page <> by 6PM, topic list will be updated to show available topics.

Any team that was unable to reserve any of their 3 choices, will make a new reservation submission on the following days with 3 new EDP topic choices, from the list of remaining topics.


Each team of three students should only submit ONE reservation which must include:

  • Full name and EE login ID of Student A;
  • Full name and EE login ID of Student B;
  • Full name and EE login ID of Student C;
  • Three (3) EDP topic choices, in order of preference.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The form will not accept reservations outside the reservation times. The topic reservation form will only be accessible from workstations within the ELCE labs: ENG 306, 307, 308, 406, 408, 409, 411, 412, 413; it will NOT be accessible from your home computer; it will NOT be accessible from the campus-wide wireless network and it will NOT be accessible from other computers on the University campus.