IOT Online controlling and measuring the temperature of home

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (FM03)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Farah Mohammadi

Topic Category

Power / Controls


The majority of the energy consumed by households is to heat the home. A modern solution to reduce the energy consumption is real-time monitoring and control of heating or cooling system in the buildings from anywhere in the world with mobile or web apps. Therefore, designing a system by which one can monitor/control building temperature at different locations is desirable by using a wireless communicating system.


To develop online controlling and measuring the temperature of home, one would need one access point/Station and a website that monitor and control the home temperature and one Hardware to change the speed of Air conditioner's fan. 1- Station/ Access point can be WiFi system such as ESP8266 2- website is written in BOOTSTRAP and store home temperature to Database 3- a GUI in the website side to show/control home temperature

Partial Specifications

These modules to be implemented:
- data acquisition,
- real-time programming via wireless technologies,
- local website development
- Verify the developed hardware - ESP8266 as WiFi Devices and on board
Microprocessor that control speed of DC motor
- Verify the developed local website
- Verify the developed speed control of DC motor (Air Conditioner’s Fan )

Suggested Approach

1- Develop web site by Programming in BOOTSTRAP
2- Develop Hardware to change speed of DC motor
3- Develop a Hardware as Access point & Station ( connect to home router)
4- Study how to use ESP8266 as a station & Access point

Group Responsibilities

- Investigating available temperature sensors in home automation - one student will be working on networking by using ESP8266. A second student will concentrate on developing speed control of DC motor. A third student will concentrate on programming aspect for local website. -Prepare a technical report and present the results at the end of the program

Student A Responsibilities

Investigation of available temperature sensors in home automation - Acquiring data from home temperature sensors - working on networking by using ESP8266

Student B Responsibilities

Design and Development a Hardware to Change speed of DC Motor

Student C Responsibilities

Design and Development of the local website

Course Co-requisites

Communication Systems, Programming in C , BOOTSTRAP


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