FinChat: Chat rooms to facilitate financial transactions

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (KR01)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Software / Intelligent Instrumentation


Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and a few more platforms have arrived to facilitate social life interactions by sharing messages, photos and videos. FinChat is meant to facilitate financial transactions only. It is a better version of eBay, Kijiji, and so on.


1) Study existing open source codes for social platforms and existing financial transactions 2) Find the flaws 3) Consider Peer-2-Peer transactions 4) Implement the new algorithm

Partial Specifications

1) The group will develop the algorithm.
2) The group will develop the apps.
3) The group will create a test scenario where security of the each transaction is investigated.

Suggested Approach

1) Reading existing codes online.
2) Surveying existing techniques
3) Designing and implementing new algorithm

Group Responsibilities

The group has to work as a team. They should participate from the beginning in all aspects of the project. From analyzing existing algorithms and codes, to coming up with algorithms, the group has to brainstorm on a weekly basis.

Student A Responsibilities

Algorithm design

Student B Responsibilities


Student C Responsibilities


Course Co-requisites

Strong Coding skills attained through third year courses


KR01: FinChat: Chat rooms to facilitate financial transactions | Kaamran Raahemifar | Sunday September 17th 2017 at 09:38 AM