Smart Farms

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (KR03)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Farms require maintenance for various reasons: from machinery operations to soil testing and growth monitoring the plants and trees. This project aims to develop a platform that allows remote operation and control of much of the tasks noted above.


To create a prototype for a fully automated cloud connected farming solution.

Partial Specifications

This projects application specific sensors, short and long range communications, server, and decision making process to allow closed-loop monitoring system

Suggested Approach

1) Selecting Appropriate sensors.
2) Selecting appropriate communication protocols.
3) Selecting proper decision making process.

I will provide source and codes when the team is finalized.

Group Responsibilities

Study the requirements of the environment and work as a team to achieve the weekly objectives.

Student A Responsibilities

Algorithm Development

Student B Responsibilities

Coding and App Development

Student C Responsibilities

Testing and Verification

Course Co-requisites

Third year courses


KR03: Smart Farms | Kaamran Raahemifar | Not yet submitted at No time