Remote Sensing: Bridge Inspection

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (KR04)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Bridges are required by law to be monitored twice every year. The man-hour required for such tedious task is quite significant, considering test engineers have to travel to the site, place the equipment, collect data, and prepare analysis after the site-visit is complete. This project aims to automate this task by remote sensing the bridges.


The objective is to sense vibrations and take images and submit the information to a driving car meant to carry receivers for the submitted data.

Partial Specifications

1) Low-energy micro controllers potentially powered up by solar energy.
2) Sensors that create a mesh networks
3) Sleep algorithm allows the system to sleep until a wake up call is received by driving car

Suggested Approach

1) Extract short and long-range communication protocols from internet and modify it according to the micro controller that has been selected for this applications.
2) Study different sensors and their placement and possibly creating a mesh network.
3) Develop the app and necessary analysis tool

I will provide sources to read and codes to start from.

Group Responsibilities

The group needs to brain storm as to what is needed and what is available and come to conclusion as to which approach is needed to be taken to achieve the objectives of this project.

Student A Responsibilities

App developments

Student B Responsibilities

Testing and verification

Student C Responsibilities

Algorithm Development for analysis tools

Course Co-requisites

Third year courses


KR04: Remote Sensing: Bridge Inspection | Kaamran Raahemifar | Not yet submitted at No time