Hardware Digital Wallet

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (KR05)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Too many cards for different purposes. They take too much of space. The intention of this project to create a hardware similar to a fab key, perhaps smaller, that carries the same information as a credit or debit card has. This includes images, pin code, bank codes, etc. It must also contain proper algorithm for security reasons. This could be a two factor authentication protocol.


The objective is to replace all cards with a very small, yet reliable fab key. The key should also store the information about digital currencies being developed alongside bitcoins This eventually could work as hardware based Ethereum like device.

Partial Specifications

This device is supposed to be small. It communicates with a smart phone for display and authentication process.

Suggested Approach

Short range communication technique is required between a smart phone and a small micro controller. An app should be developed that considers various debit and credit card information and display them partially on the smart phone.

The customer service also requires to have a proper receiver and transmitter for final verification process.

Group Responsibilities

The group needs to design both receiver and transmitter for signals in and out of the fab key.

Student A Responsibilities

Algorithms and Hardware Design

Student B Responsibilities

App Developments

Student C Responsibilities

Testing and Verification

Course Co-requisites

Strong Coding skills attained through third year courses


KR05: Hardware Digital Wallet | Kaamran Raahemifar | Saturday September 16th 2017 at 12:15 PM