gCoin: Innovative Gift Cards

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (KR08)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Software / Intelligent Instrumentation


Gift cards have been around for a decade, and they have seen their highs. However, due to various reasons, it has lost its position of high regard. On the other crypto-currencies are gaining traction among young fellows. The intention is to create a central bank (virtual one) so that merchants subscribe to it. On the other hand, people use their smart phones to send each other gift cards with cash value in it.It is a closed look at two levels: Customer level and merchant level. This idea can be used for hotels and other chain-based businesses.


To create a virtual coin that could be transferred at ease from one person to another and it can be claimed by merchants through central virtual office.

Partial Specifications

1) It uses smart phones and NFC technique.
2) It is secure.

Suggested Approach

NFC is an option. It could be Bluetooth enabled hardware as well. However, the details would be known as we progress.

Group Responsibilities

This project requires app development, front- and back-end. The group needs to work diligently to get different tasks done.

Student A Responsibilities


Student B Responsibilities

App Developments

Student C Responsibilities

Testing and Verification

Course Co-requisites

Third year courses


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