Robot Farmer

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (KR09)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Kaamran Raahemifar

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Farming is exhaustive and challenging but rewarding. Self-driving cards have been on the roads and trucks are being driven partially by a box and an intelligent software. Can we farm the land in similar way?


Farming a small land in various stages: From preparation, seeding, and harvesting. Our intention is to study this process and replace only one part of this tedious task.

Partial Specifications

1) Driver-less
2) Runs on battery for demo purposes
3) Remotely controlled

Suggested Approach

The project requires long-range communication. It also requires sensors to map and identify the routes taken, tasks completed and tasks waiting in Queue.

Group Responsibilities

All group members should participate in various stages as this project requires steady involvement.

Student A Responsibilities

App development

Student B Responsibilities

Robot design, or design of self-driving truck

Student C Responsibilities

Testing and verification

Course Co-requisites

Third year courses


KR09: Robot Farmer | Kaamran Raahemifar | Not yet submitted at No time