Smart Home Network

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (MJ02)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Muhammad Jaseemuddin

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Modern home networks are designed to serve smart home devices and Internet of Things (IoT). They are exceedingly used to provide wireless connectivity to mobile multimedia applications, monitoring and control of IoT devices, and support for service provider networks. They need flexibility of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Managing these devices and the network for achieving desirable objectives and optimal performance is an enormous task for average home user that needs to be developed with convenience of home users in mind. Further, the management function should include monitoring, data collection, analysis, and create feedback control.


In this project, you can focus on developing a sub-system for the home network. Possible sub-systems are smart home router or smart home dashboard. The function of the router is to provide forwarding of packets, firewall, intrusion detection (such as botnet), smart packet filtering, and caching etc. The router can be developed for SDN with modularity and flexibility. The dashboard is to collect the monitoring data from smart devices; analyse the data for measuring usage, monitoring failures and discovering trends; archive the data; present the data; and control device functions by generating control instructions with or without human intervention. The prototype also includes implementation of few smart devices or integration of available devices with the dashboard. Cloud service can be used for data archival or even hosting some dashboard functions.

Partial Specifications

• Linux wireless router as home gateway to collect network usage data.
• Micro-controller to measure and control devices for their power cosumption.
• Two laptops for hosting cloud and dashboard GUI.

Suggested Approach

• Use open source softwares and tools.
• Use Linux for computing and networking platforms.
• Use Open Stack cloud.
• Investigate Graphic package for graphical presentation of data.
• Explore data mining techniques.
• Note: Some equipment will be available in the WICON lab.

Group Responsibilities

• All students will be involved in the initial design phase. • All students will be involved in integration. • All students will be involved in demo set up using some interesting applications.

Student A Responsibilities

• Home network configuration. • Develop software for monitoring the network usage. • Lead the GUI development. • Lead the demo design.

Student B Responsibilities

• Configuring cloud system for data archival and processing for dashboard functions. • Develop the data analytic component of the dashboard software. • Assist in dashboard GUI development. • Lead the system integration and testing.

Student C Responsibilities

• Develop the controller hardware for measuring and monitoring devices. • Develop the controller software for collecting and shipping the data and processing control instructions. • Lead the evaluation of different design options. • Develop the algorithms for analytic function.

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