Context-aware Networking

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (MJ05)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Muhammad Jaseemuddin

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In a context-aware network, devices interact and exchange information with each other and with devices that are embedded in the environment. The network is set up in a geographical area, for example, in the area surrounding Yonge-Dundas square. A device may learn information about the environment, e.g. ambient temperature, location services such as adverts, location search for services, shops, and people, etc. Further, the device may also decide about its next function, e.g. next destination to move, using the information received from the context-aware network.


In this project, you will design and implement a context-aware network. You will design an ambient device that can be embedded in the environment to propagate information about the environment. You will design communication protocol for devices to interact with each other and with the ambient device. You will also design the device software that will communicate with the ambient device using your protocol. The device software includes a decision engine to perform some decision making function and display the ambient information. Devices can also cache information and share with nearby devices.

Partial Specifications

• Embedded Linux PC board with 802.11 interface
• Android phones
• Routing software (AODV, Quagga).

Suggested Approach

• Use smartphones and wireless routers to form the network.
• Define some location services and applications.
• Use XML for interaction between the ambient device and the Linux board.
• Use temperature sensor on the ambient device.
• Communicate temperature, and location information to the Linux board.
• Use routing infrastructure for propagating the information.

Group Responsibilities

• All students will work on the initial design phase to define the ambient information, and decision function. • All students will be involved in integration and testing. • All students will be involved in demo set up and performance evaluation.

Student A Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of ambient device hardware and software. • Implement the protocol specification in either hardware/software. • Lead the demo design.

Student B Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of the client and the decision engine. • Lead the demo set up.

Student C Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of the communication structure and the interface of the ambient device with the client. • Lead the design and implementation of the GUI.

Course Co-requisites

COE768 (COE718 is suggested)


MJ05: Context-aware Networking | Muhammad Jaseemuddin | Not yet submitted at No time