Vehicular Network of Smart Cars

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (MJ06)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Muhammad Jaseemuddin

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Vehicles on the road form Vehicular Network (VAN) that includes both vehicle-vehicle communication and vehicle-curb communication. The VAN is used for a variety of applications ranging from personal entertainment (such as gaming) to telemetry, roadside assistance and charging station search. Vehicles in VAN are smart cars equipped with sensor nodes and embedded OS with small foot -print to provide reasonable programming environment. They have evolved with more flexible programming environment and versatile interfaces. They can be used as low-power controller for smart cars to enable them for intelligent transportation applications.


In this project, you will design and implement a small scale VAN with three smart cars and one or two curb boxes. You will design a low-power low-cost automated control system of a model smart car. You may use sensor node to implement the controller. The single board controller is mounted on the car. You will replicate the design to implement three cars. The cars can exchange navigational information. They can share information and make collaborative moves in defining their trajectory. You need to develop procedures/protocols for multi-hop wireless communication.

Partial Specifications

• Small Linux boards.
• Remote control cars.
• A Linux PC.

Suggested Approach

• Learn sensor node, its development environment, device interfaces.
• Learn system and network programming, GUI development.
• Investigate the possibility of implementing the command and control in Java on smart phone.

Group Responsibilities

• All students will be involved in the design phase. • All students will be involved in integration and testing. • All students will be involved in demo set up and performance evaluation.

Student A Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of car control system and hardware and software. • Lead the demo design.

Student B Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of communication protocol for data sharing. • Lead the demo set up.

Student C Responsibilities

• Lead the design and implementation of intelligent controller for collaborative moves, collision avoidance, and moves based on sensed data. • Lead the GUI design and implementation.

Course Co-requisites

COE768 (COE718 is suggested)


MJ06: Vehicular Network of Smart Cars | Muhammad Jaseemuddin | Not yet submitted at No time