Gesture Controlled Smart Mirror

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (NMK01)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Naimul Mefraz Khan

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Using mirrors in the morning is part of everyone's daily routine. A smart mirror can convey useful information (weather, traffic, meetings etc.). A customizable smart mirror can be very convenient to start your day off in an organized way with minimum hindrance, and can serve as an important addition to the growing list of smart things.


To create a gesture-controlled smart mirror. The mirror will recognize the person in front of it and convey a welcome message and pertinent information (such as weather, meetings etc.). Through gestures, the user can flip through the mirror interface and look at different widgets that present different types of information.

Partial Specifications

1. Recognize the person standing in front of the mirror.
2. Show welcome message, weather information.
3. The person can use gesture (right/left swipe) to see additional information, such as traffic, meetings, etc.

Suggested Approach

1. A two-way mirror, Raspberry Pi, and a Pi camera module such as noIR can be used to implement the hardware part.
2. For software, OpenCV can be used to do face recognition + gesture control.
3. To capture real-time information such as weather and traffic, web services provided by google or some other platform can be used.

Group Responsibilities

1. Study literature on existing smart mirror hardware designs. 2. Study required software platforms. 3. end-to-end development for a demonstrable product. 4. Test the final prototype for robustness (sensitivity of gesture control, accuracy of face recognition, response).

Student A Responsibilities

Build the two-way mirror + camera + Raspberry Pi rig, with required connections.

Student B Responsibilities

Face recognition and gesture control.

Student C Responsibilities

user interface + information retrieval (weather, traffic) through web services.

Course Co-requisites


NMK01: Gesture Controlled Smart Mirror | Naimul Mefraz Khan | Thursday September 14th 2017 at 01:39 PM