Smart Security Camera with Facial Recognition

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (NMK05)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Naimul Mefraz Khan

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


Surveillance cameras are common in private homes to strengthen security. A useful feature of a surveillance camera would be automated facial recognition. This can strengthen both the security aspect (alert user via smartphone if someone unrecognized is at the door) and social aspect (preparing for unexpected guests) of a smart home.


The target is to create a facial recognition enabled camera that can update a homeowner in real-time on who is at the door through an accompanying smartphone app.

Partial Specifications

1. The smart camera will have a microcomputer that can capture images and video and send to a server for facial recognition.
2. The server processes the face and compares with existing database facial images.
3. If a match is found, the homeowner is alerted about the person's identity through the smartphone app.
4. If a match is NOT found, an image of the person's face is sent to the homeowner through the app.
5. App should have abilities to a.) fetch ID of person from a database b.) show person's face if not recognized c.) add new person to the database

Suggested Approach

1. Raspberry Pi/Intel Edison with a camera module.
2. Server can be a cloud back-end or a central computer.
3. Server and camera module should be wirelessly connected, where the camera module sends data to the server.
4. Server will process the facial recognition (can use OpenCV/other free face recognition APIs).
5. App can be built with a high-level framework to shorten development time.

Group Responsibilities

1. Literature review (microcomputers, cloud, app building platforms, facial recognition methodolohies) 2. System design 3. Implementation 4. Performance testing under different conditions (low lighting, different angles, poor connection, etc.)

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