Building Secure Database System

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (TY03)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Truman Yang

Topic Category

Software / Data Engineering


Database security concerns the use of a broad range of information security controls to protect databases against compromises of their confidentiality, integrity and availability. A number of security issues are appropriate to databases, e.g., access control, auditing, authentication, key management, data encryption/decryption. This project focuses on the authentication and encryption topics.


(1) Design and implement a user authentication protocol and a database encryption mechanism. (2) Evaluate the security, storage and efficiency of various encryption algorithms on databases. (3) Interface design and implementation.

Partial Specifications

(1) The database encryption mechanism should ensure data confidentiality and integrity.
(2) The process of encryption or decryption is transparent to application. That is to
say, user (application) thinks that he interacts with the original non-encrypted
database, posing his original query against database.
(3) The user authentication protocol should be secure and efficient.

Suggested Approach

(1) Familiar with background knowledge of cryptography.

(2) Software development in Java or PHP.

(3) Detail designs on user authentication and database encryption mechanism.

Group Responsibilities

Design and implement a user authentication and a database encryption mechanism as specified above.

Student A Responsibilities

Design and implement a sample database.

Student B Responsibilities

Design, implement and evaluate a database encryption mechanism.

Student C Responsibilities

Design and implement a user authentication protocol.

Course Co-requisites

COE318: Software Systems


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