Secure E-Voting

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (TY04)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Truman Yang

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Online voting offers convenience to the voter and considerable ease to election administrators as they can get election results out more quickly than conventional methods of manual voting. The main goal of the system is to ensure secure, effective and efficient processing of votes cast during elections and speed up the release of election results.


(1) Design and implement a secure e-voting system. (2) Evaluate the security, effective and efficiency of the system.

Partial Specifications

(1) Provide user-friendly graphical interfaces, which make voting easy.

(2) Prevent double voting

(3) Ensure that invalid votes are not issued

(4) Ensure secure effective and efficient processing of votes cast during elections

Suggested Approach

(1) Software development in Java or PHP.

(2) Detail designs on database and interfaces.

Group Responsibilities

Design, implement, and test the e-voting system as specified above.

Student A Responsibilities

Design a database for e-voting: A database is used to manage system data. It would allow for voters’ data to be retrieved, added, updated, deleted, and sorted easily and quickly.

Student B Responsibilities

Development of an e-voting Registration System: it is responsible for managing the voter registration process. Development of Election Statistics System: it is responsible for automatically perform various statistical computations.

Student C Responsibilities

Graphical user interfaces will be developed to allow voters to register and vote online.

Course Co-requisites

COE318: Software Systems


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