Simulation on Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol (SET)

2017 COE Engineering Design Project (TY07)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Truman Yang

Topic Category

Software / Data Engineering


SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) is the security technology for secure electronic transactions in the Internet. This project aims to study the performance of SET Protocol implemented in Java for web applications.


(1) Design and implement SET protocol with Java security package. (2) Evaluate and compare the throughput, efficiency and bandwidth of SET and SSL

Partial Specifications

(1) Provide privacy and data integrity among all components of the protocol.

(2) Design interfaces friendly for project demonstration

Suggested Approach

(1) Familiar with background knowledge of cryptography.

(2) Software development in Java.

(3) Detail designs on protocol and interfaces.

Group Responsibilities

Design, implement, and test the protocol as specified above.

Student A Responsibilities

Design and implement SET protocol through socket programming

Student B Responsibilities

interface design and implementation

Student C Responsibilities

Perfom evalations on SSL and SET

Course Co-requisites

COE318: Software Systems


TY07: Simulation on Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol (SET) | Truman Yang | Not yet submitted at No time