Accurate Wireless Positioning System

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (XF01)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Xavier Fernando

Topic Category

Communications / Networking


You might have heard much about Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). WSN has many applications including monitoring the environment using various parameters. One major drawback of WSN is that the sensors are not aware of their exact location. Accurately locating various objects using wireless communications has many applications. This could save lives in an amusement park with many kids or save thousands of dollars in a retail warehouse. GPS is a great invention that changed the way we drive. Unfortunately, GPS works only in outdoors and it has an accuracy of few 10s of meters. There is a company interested in such a technology. Students will have the opportunity to work with their Engineers.


In this project, students will design an accurate Wireless Positioning System for indoor environment.

Partial Specifications

The system shall be capable of locating multiple objects.
Battery life of the tag is of primary importance. Power consumption of the tags must be minimum.
Accuracy shall be few centimeters.
Range of the detection area shall be 10s of meters.

Suggested Approach

Accurate localization requires estimating the distance as well as the direction. This can be done by estimating the Time of Arrival and Direction of Arrival using three of more readers.

Group Responsibilities

The Group is responsible for the whole project.

Student A Responsibilities

Software and Firmware development.

Student B Responsibilities

Wireless part, estimating TOA and DOA etc.

Student C Responsibilities

Tag design and deployment.

Course Co-requisites


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