Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring Cell Phones

2017 ELE Engineering Design Project (XF07)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Xavier Fernando

Topic Category

Intelligent Instrumentation


These days many Android and Apple cell phones can measure the physical activities of the bearer. They do tell the user how long they have been physically active, how many steps the bearer has walked on a given day and how long they have slept. However, one missing link is automatically measuring the heart/pulse rate.


In this project the students will develop software (and hardware) necessary to enhance a smartphone to a wireless heartbeat monitoring device.

Partial Specifications

The cell phone shall be able measure the heartbeat automatically and continuously.

Suggested Approach

Bluetooth enable heartbeat sensors are handy to start with. However, no off the shelf devices. The hardware and software has to be designed by the students.

Group Responsibilities

Total project completion.

Student A Responsibilities

Accurate heartbeat sensing while on the move.

Student B Responsibilities

Wireless Transmission

Student C Responsibilities

Cellphone interface and APP development.

Course Co-requisites


XF07: Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring Cell Phones | Xavier Fernando | Not yet submitted at No time