Dynamic EV charging control system for parking garage

2018 ELE Engineering Design Project (DX05)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

David Xu

Topic Category

Power / Controls


With increasing numbers of EV in the market, charging these EVs becomes a problem especially in the parking garage with limited power capacity. A dynamic charging system becomes necessary to coordinate the power flow in the parking garage. The system should be able to determine the priority of the EV charging based on the power capacity as well as the market competition.


The objective of the project is to build a smart power distribution for the EV charging in garage. The power distribution can be controlled by cloud computers with proper algorithm.

Partial Specifications

The specification of the project includes:
1) The supply to the EV charger is 240VAC, satisfy the SAE J1772 level 2 AC charging.
2) A smart distribution include a power measurement system and a controllable relay.
3) The distribution can communicate with the cloud computer to send the data and receive the command from cloud
4) The cloud computer determine the priority of charging.

Suggested Approach

The steps are suggested as following:
1) Build a MCU system to measure the charging supply, including voltage/current, power and energy.
2) The MCU should be able to control a power relay to on/off the charger.
3) The MCU should communicate with the cloud computer (or PC) through 2G/3G communication.
4) The cloud computer has a program to determine the priority of charging, including billing, status display and on/off control.
5) A web based GUI to display the status of the parking garage is required.

Group Responsibilities

The group should be responsible for the project management, demo and project report

Student A Responsibilities

Student A is responsible for designing and implementing the hardware/software of the MCU, including power measurement and relay control

Student B Responsibilities

Student B is responsible for data communication between cloud computer and MCU through 2G/3G network

Student C Responsibilities

Student C is responsible for the control algorithm and web based GUI.

Course Co-requisites


DX05: Dynamic EV charging control system for parking garage | David Xu | Wednesday September 19th 2018 at 10:18 AM