MPPT controller for multi-string solar inverters

2018 ELE Engineering Design Project (DX07)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

David Xu

Topic Category

Power / Controls


Solar power is considered as clean energy to provide electricity. The photo-voltaic panels are usually connected in series (string) to increase the voltage to feed the solar inverter. Multiple string may parallel connect to provide large current while reducing the cost of solar inverters. The parallel connected strings suffer from the lower conversion efficiency. Maximum power point tracking control is degraded in the parallel connected strings. It is necessary to develop separate MPPT controller for each string in multi-string solar inverters


The objective of this project is to develop the MPPT controller with proper power electronics converter to independently control the PV strings.

Partial Specifications

The requirements of the software:
1) PV panel nominal voltage is 12V, 100W
2) The controller is capable of connecting 5 panels. The output feeds the solar inverter at 24V (nominal).
3) Independent control of the PV panels with MPPT algorithm.

Suggested Approach

The group should take following steps:
1) Get familiar with PV panel and MPPT algorithm.
2) Get familiar with DC/DC converter (power electronics) and control.
3) Know the digital control system with power electronics

Group Responsibilities

The group should be responsible for the project management, demo and project report

Student A Responsibilities

Student A is responsible for the DC/DC power converter and associated power circuits.

Student B Responsibilities

Student B is responsible for the signal conditioning circuit and digital controller.

Student C Responsibilities

Student C is responsible for the MPPT control algorithm and power converter control.

Course Co-requisites


DX07: MPPT controller for multi-string solar inverters | David Xu | Wednesday September 19th 2018 at 11:00 AM