Enhanced ad hoc retrieval using psuedo hyperlink structure

2018 COE Engineering Design Project (EB06)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Ebrahim Bagheri

Topic Category

Software / Data Engineering


Ad hoc retrieval is the process of finding relevant documents to a given user query. This is what search engine's primarily do. Recent developments have shown that entity-based models that rely on information from a knowledge graph such as Wikipedia can improve the ad hoc retrieval performance.


The objective of this research project is to explore the possibility of creating pseudo hyperlink structure between documents so as to use graph metrics and measurements to rank relevant documents to a given user query.

Partial Specifications

Students will learn about cutting edge techniques in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

Suggested Approach

The work will build upon and improve the work presented in https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3018692

Group Responsibilities

The group will be responsible to replicate the work presented in the baseline paper, work with the FLC to further enhance the algorithm, implement the enhancements, perform experiments and report on the findings. All students will be responsible for understanding the baseline paper and participating in group brainstorming sessions.

Student A Responsibilities

Preparation of the dataset for the experiments and assist with the implementation of the enhancements to the baseline.

Student B Responsibilities

Implementation and Replication of the baseline code.

Student C Responsibilities

Leading the implementation of the enhanced code as well as running the experiments.

Course Co-requisites



EB06: Enhanced ad hoc retrieval using psuedo hyperlink structure | Ebrahim Bagheri | Friday August 24th 2018 at 12:55 AM