Cloud Service for Smart Building

2018 COE Engineering Design Project (MJ02)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Muhammad Jaseemuddin

Topic Category

Distributed / Cloud Computing


In a smart building sensing, control and communication functions are embedded in the building. Service providers will provide infrastructure and services to building users of multiple categories. For example, visitors will be able to interact with the building environment through context-aware networking for exploring information, amenities, services, medical help etc. Building admin will be able to manage surveillance, alarms and alerts even remotely.


Smart Building is an important service for service providers offered to building admin and users. The service includes deployment, management and administration of the hardware embedded in the building and the software platform that provides collection of data and sensing information from the hardware and gives access to users of that information. The focus of this project is more on designing and developing the software platform that is deployable in a cloud. The platform offers publish-subscription; user profile management; sensing data collection, storage and retrieval; data processing customised using user profile; and secure access to data. Performance and security are two important aspects of the software platform. The group may need to develop some pieces of hardware, if not available off the shelf, for the test-bed implementation.

Partial Specifications

• Linux Laptops, Smart Devices (e.g. iPod touch, android), and couple of server PCs
• Sensor boards, Web Cam etc.
• Networking infrastructure
• Cloud software, Smart Phone SDK etc.

Suggested Approach

• Learn OpenStack Cloud software
• Learn cloud service, smart phone SDK, and data and network security
• Learn Linux system and network programming, GUI development.
• Investigate the different smart building applications and necessary hardware.

Group Responsibilities

• All students will be involved in literature survey and initial design phase. • All students will be involved in integration. • All students will be involved in demo set up and performance evaluation.

Student A Responsibilities

• Lead the design of software platform. • Lead the implementation and testing of the software platform. • Performance measurement.

Student B Responsibilities

• Lead the activity of defining the service and its scope, and developing system spec. • Lead the hardware development and integration. • Lead the storage design. • Lead the cloud design.

Student C Responsibilities

• Lead the user application development. • Define the performance and security requirements. • Lead the design of security solution.

Course Co-requisites

COE768 or consent of the FLC


MJ02: Cloud Service for Smart Building | Muhammad Jaseemuddin | Wednesday September 19th 2018 at 12:54 PM