Data Security in Cloud Computing

2018 COE Engineering Design Project (TY06)

Faculty Lab Coordinator

Truman Yang

Topic Category

Distributed / Cloud Computing


Currently, there has been an increasing trend in outsourcing data to remote cloud, where the people outsource their data at Cloud Service Provider(CSP) who offers huge storage space with low cost. Thus users can reduce the maintenance and burden of local data storage. Meanwhile, once data goes into cloud they lose control of their data, which inevitably brings new security risks toward integrity and confidentiality. Hence, efficient and effective methods are needed to ensure the data integrity and confidentiality of outsource data on untrusted cloud servers. In this project , we will propose efficient and secure protocols to address these issues.


Design and implement security solutions to solve the problems described above.

Partial Specifications

(1) The security solutions must effective, efficient and secure.
(2) Provide user-friendly graphical interfaces.

Suggested Approach

(1) Software development in C or Java.
(2) Detail designs on the security in cloud computing.

Group Responsibilities

Design, implement, and test the solutions as specified above.

Student A Responsibilities

Design and implement a solution to ensure data integrity.

Student B Responsibilities

Design and implement a solution to ensure data confidentiality.

Student C Responsibilities

Develop graphical user interfaces.

Course Co-requisites

COE318: Software Systems


TY06: Data Security in Cloud Computing | Truman Yang | Tuesday September 18th 2018 at 11:54 PM