Smart sensors and systems

2017 Research Internship Project

Faculty Name

Kristiina Valter Mai

Project Title

Smart sensors and systems

Project Description

This project follows on previous internships in which irrigation sensors have been designed, built and the data have been collected. We will continue with installing the sensor and monitor the data. We will also extend the system to communicate with other sensors so that a mesh network is established. We will extend the work to lighting systems also. The smart lighting systems will be applied in commercial settings but this internship will addres the design requirements for a greenhouse application.

Student Responsibility

Test and repair the sensor systems as needed. Install the sensors on the Ryerson green roof in collaboration with the Ryerson Urban Farm coordinator. Monitor the sensors and collect and analyze the data. Develop a communications capability between the sensors. Test and record data. Collaborate with smart lighting project and propose a similar design for greenhouse lighting sensors.

Specific Requirements

Familiar with instrumentation design and build.

Reseach Internship Application

Kristiina Valter Mai : Smart sensors and systems | Sunday March 26th 2017 11:24 PM