Data Collection and Analysis of Water Management Patterns

2019 Research Internship Project

Faculty Name

Kristiina Mai

Project Title

Data Collection and Analysis of Water Management Patterns

Project Description

Toronto is a green building leader, with its industry leading green roof by-law requiring urban buildings to have a green roof component. In order to create a policy around green roof agriculture, careful measurements must be taken of water utilization. Previous years' Research Internships resulted in the development of sensors to record irrigation on the green roof. Also, recent Engineering Design Projects have produced soil moisture sensors and systems that can be implemented on the Ryerson Green Roof Urban Farm. This year, these sensors will be integrated and implemented. They will be used to collect data over the growing season, and the data will be analyzed. The sensors will be calibrated and monitored by comparing the data to handheld devices and third party data. Measurements will be recorded regularly, and the resulting database will be examined for patterns that could indicate potential improvements. The data will be compared to other green roofs and to equivalent non-green roof areas. Recommendations will be made leading to publication of the findings.

Student Responsibility

The student will be responsible for consulting with stakeholders such as the Ryerson green roof coordinator, and Campus Facilities and Sustainability, as well as conducting collaborative and independent research. In consultation with the faculty supervisor, existing sensors will be calibrated, installed and monitored and the data will be analyzed. Additional sensors and data will be generated as appropriate. The following are specific duties: - Meet with the above stakeholders and obtain inputs - Research similar systems from industry and as a literature review - Calibrate, integrate, install and check the sensors - Take measurements and maintain the database - Update and maintain a website to display the findings - Compare data to other green roof and equivalent non-green roof data - Make recommendations

Specific Requirements

Preferred experience with sensors, databases, electronics and website development. Excellent interpersonal skills required.

Reseach Internship Application

Kristiina Mai : Data Collection and Analysis of Water Management Patterns | Monday April 1st 2019 12:01 PM