Applications of Machine Learning

2019 Research Internship Project

Faculty Name

Alagan Anpalagan

Project Title

Applications of Machine Learning

Project Description

Machine learning is one of the biggest steps towards making artificial intelligence a reality. In this project, machine learning techniques will be applied to solve learning problems such as making a game and recognizing different types of images and patterns. These techniques can be either based on self-learning techniques, i.e., where the computer is learning an algorithm itself, or based on training data that are used to teach a computer. The pros and cons of different techniques will also be explored.

Student Responsibility

The research assistant will first get an overview of machine learning and then familiarize himself/herself with different machine learning techniques. This will be followed by implementing these techniques in Matlab and/or Python, and applying them on real data sets, followed by preparing a short report.

Specific Requirements

1) Knowledge of Matlab and/or Python. 2) Basic knowledge of Calculus. 3) Basic Knowledge of Signal and Systems and/or image processing will be helpful but not strictly required.

Reseach Internship Application

Alagan Anpalagan : Applications of Machine Learning | Wednesday March 13th 2019 12:38 PM