A visualization tool of network data for potential security threat prevention/detection

2019 Research Internship Project

Faculty Name

Ling Guan

Project Title

A visualization tool of network data for potential security threat prevention/detection

Project Description

We are developing a visualization tool of network data to assist a cyber-security expert or network admin in detection/prevention of potential security threat. The network data will be visualized as a graph of all objects participating in the network, and the graph will be updated whenever new data comes. The expert/network admin can interact with the graph to explore and view traffic information in details and in different formats such as chart forms, thus any potential flaws in the network can be investigated with the developed graph. Once the interactive graph is finished, an intelligent function can be developed to learn the process of network investigation of the expert/network admin for automatic cyber-security threat prevention/detection. Under the supervision of the professor and senior researchers, the student RA will study to understand the characteristics of the network data and learn which charts are suitable for easy cyber threat investigation. The student will also participate in the development of the visualization tool for presenting the data as an interactive graph to aid experts and network admins in the task. The visualization tool will be developed as a cloud service.

Student Responsibility

The RA will join the project and study the network data and contribute to the development of visualization tool. The specifications of the interactive graphs for development have been mostly defined. Under senior researchers’ instructions, the student will search for and utilize existing data visualization libraries to develop the tool that satisfies the specifications. Specifically, the RA will • Study the network data. • Learn which charts are appropriate for investigation of security threat prevention/detection. • Implement user interface under instructions. • Search for appropriate data visualization libraries. • Implement the visualization tool as a cloud service.

Specific Requirements

Experienced with development of a cloud service Experienced with Azure cloud platform is a plus Experienced with data visualization libraries Experienced with C#, Python and/or any programming language working with data visualization tools Ability to quickly learn about new IT packages and techniques Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills Skilled at finding innovative solutions

Reseach Internship Application

Ling Guan : A visualization tool of network data for potential security threat prevention/detection | Wednesday March 20th 2019 03:14 PM