1A Framework for Adaptive Stream Processing Systems Based on the Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration of FPGA DevicesVictor Dumitriu and Lev Kirischian
2A Hexagon Eye-Opening Monitor For Multi-Gbps Data LinksAlaa Al-Taee, Fei Yuan, and Andy Ye
3A Novel Adaptive Router Architecture for Multi-Core On-Chip CommunicationMasoud Oveis Gharan & Gul N. Khan
4A Novel Geometric Water-filling Approach in CommunicationsPeter He
5A Novel Integrated AC Choke for Common-Mode Voltage Mitigation in Power Converter Systems Ning Zhu, Dewei Xu and Bin Wu
6A Novel Location-Penalized Maximum likelihood Estimator for Bearing-Only Target LocalizationJi-An Luo, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Zhi Wang
7All-Fiber Passively Q-Switched LaserYi Lu and Xijia Gu
8Anchored Skeleton Dynamic Gesture Recognition with Random TreesAdrian Bulzacki, Matthew Kyan, Ling Guan
9ATP Modelling of the Lightning Current within the CN Tower and the Attached ChannelM. Sadegh Rahimian and Ali M. Hussein
10Atrial Fibrillation Signal AnalysisN. Rahnama , S. Krishnan
11Automatic Identification of Digital Video based on Shot-level Sequence MatchingMaryam N. Arani, Jian Zhou, Xiao-Ping Zhang
12Beyond 4 Colours- Optimizing On-Press Colour ReproductionYiming Qian, Nawar Fdhal, Artur Oliva Gonsales, Matthew Kyan
13BGP Fault Detection and Recovery ToolKhalid Abdel Hafeez, Lisa Li, Baha Uddin Kazi, Amro Sabbagh, Zainab Shamsi, Frank Levstek, and Nabil Seddigh and Biswajit Nandy from Solana networks
14Capacity Optimization Based on QoS Satisfaction in Cognitive Mohamed Elalem
15Classification Based on Sparse Representation and Euclidian DistancesAli Julazadeh, Mahdi Marsousi, Javad Alirezaie
16Cognitive Video Segmentation using Probabilistic Spatio-temporal ModelJong Sook Choi
17Complex Incremental Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital ConvertersShaul Peker, Norm Filliol, and Fei Yuan
18Computed Tomography Image Denoisng Utilizing an Efficient Sparse Coding AlgorithmKaveh Abhari, Mahdi Marsousi, Javad Alirezaie, Paul Babyn
19Correlating Current Pathways with Myocardial Fiber Orientation through Fusion of Data from Current Density and Diffusion Tensor ImagingF.H. Foomany, M. Beheshti, K. Magtibay, S. Masse, W. Foltz, E. Sevaptsidis, P. Lai, T. Farid, N. Krishnakumar, D.A. Jaffray, S. Krishnan, K. Nanthakumar, K. Umapathy.
20Cost-Efficiency Analysis Of Dynamic Virtual Components For Dynamic Partially Reconfigurable SystemsDavid Diaz, Victor Dumitriu, Lev Kirischian
21Current Source Converter based Offshore Wind Farm- Configuration and ControlMiteshkumar Popat, Bin Wu, and Navid Zargari
22DC-link Current Balancing and Ripple Reduction for Direct Parallel Current-Source ConvertersAnping Hu, David Xu, Bin Wu, Jianhui Su
23Design & Automation Tool for Custom FPGA TileFarheen Fatima Khan and Andy Ye
24Driver head pose estimation based on KPCA and KLDA classifiers using Gabor filtersSaeed Mahdizadeh Bakhshmand, Matthew Kyan
25Empirical Mode Decomposition based Sparse Dictionary Learning for Signal ClassificationM.F.Kaleem, A. Guergachi, S.Krishnan
26Estimating the number of clusters using Minimum Noiseless Description Length (MNDL)Mahdi Shahbaba, Soosan Beheshti
27Free Viewpoint TelevisionEdward Rosales, Ling Guan
28Fully Automated Model-based Prostate Boundary Segmentation using Markov Random Field in Ultrasound ImagesRasa Vafaie,Javad Alirezaie,Paul Babyn
29Fuzzy Security Constraints for Unit Commitment with Transmission OutagesPeng Yu and Bala Venkatesh
30Hand Posture Recognition Using PCA and SVMGhassem Tofighi , Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos, Soosan Beheshti & Helia Mohammadi
31High-power multimodular matrix converters and modulationJiacheng (Jason) Wang, Bin Wu, David Xu, and Navid R. Zargari
32iFAST- A Fire Emergency Assessment Fuzzy Expert SystemHelia Mohammadi, Alireza Sadeghian, and Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos
33Intelligent Wind Generator Models for Power Flow Studies in PSS®E and PSS®SINCALC. Opathella, D. Cheng, B. N. Singh, B. Venkatesh
34Low-Power Self-Tuning Transformer Matching Techniques for Power Harvest of Wireless Passive MicrosystemsXiongliang Lai and Fei Yuan
35Model Predictive Control of Grid-Tied Four-Level Diode-Clamped Inverters for High Power Wind Energy Conversion SystemsVenkata Yaramasu and Bin Wu
36Modular Energy Storage Systems Using Lithium BatteriesDavid Xu, Bala Venkatesh, B.N, Singh, Hong Xi Li, Srinivas Bhaskar
37Multidisciplinary Applications of Signal Processing and Machine LearningJoseph Santarcangelo
38Novel interfaces for intuitive volume explorationNaimul Mefraz Khan, Matthew Kyan and Ling Guan
39Optimal Resource Allocation for Multimedia Cloud ComputingXiaoming Nan, Yifeng He, and Ling Guan
40Options Based Reserve Procurement Strategy for Wind Generators Using Binomial TreesReza Ghaffari, Bala Venkatesh
41Power line Communication System for Automotive IndustryPeter Nisbet and Hesam Nekouei
42Programmable Charge-Domain Radio-Frequency Front-End For Software-Defined RadioYushi Zhou, Norm Filliol, and Fei Yuan
43Provisioning of Virtual Machines in the Clouds through bottleneck identificationYasir Shoaib and Olivia Das
44Reconstructing Panoramic Scenes for Immersive EnvironmentsShahram Aryanpour , Matthew Kyan
45Reconstruction of Genetic Regulatory Networks based on an Hybrid-Controlled Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm and its ApplicationsRoozbeh Manshaei, Matthew Kyan
46Sleep EMG analysis using Sparse Signal Representation and ClassificationMehrnaz Shokrollahi & Sri Krishnan
47Sparse Bayesian Learning for Biomedical ApplicationsSaeed Pouryazdian, Sri Krishnan, Soosan Beheshti
48Supply Diversification using Probabilistic PlanningKamran Masteri
49Temperature as a Potential Contrast Mechanism for Optical Coherence Tomography ImagingSubaagari Seevaratnam and Beau Standish
50Time-Mode Circuits and Emerging ApplicationsGuangyu Zhu, Fei Yuan, and Gul Khan
51Toronto Area Transmission System Expansion- Modeling Toronto Transmission SystemSaeid Biglary Makvand, Bala Venkatesh
52Trajectory Analysis on Spherical Self-Organizing Maps with Application to Gesture RecognitionArtur Oliva Gonsales, Matthew Kyan