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Cadence University Program Member

Cadence University Program Member

CAD Activate (Graduate Students and Faculty ONLY)

IMPORTANT: undergraduate students should NOT perform these steps

As a graduate student, every time a CMC tool is accessed within the EE department, it requests a license from the license server, located at Queens University. To get access to a CMC tool (Cadence/Synopsys/Mentor) you must first have your supervisor's CMC account (which has a subscription to the tool(s) you need) linked to your CMC student account and then have you EE account associated with your CMC account.

Activate your CMC License Access as follows:

  • Visit www.cmc.ca and register an account with CMC.
  • Once you have registered your account with CMC, ask your supervisor to associate their CMC account with your CMC account so that you can access the relevant tools.
  • Once your supervisor's account is associated with your account, you have to associate your EE account to your CMC account. Here are the steps to do this:
    • Login to any workstation in ENG406/ENG408 using your EE login/password.
    • Open the Terminal application (found at the bottom of the Applications desktop menu) and type the command "cadpass" at the command line prompt.
    • When the login window appears,
    • set the server to appgate-5.cmc.ca
    • set User name to the one you created with CMC
    • set Password to the one you created with CMC.
  • It will take about two minutes until the window changes showing a number of icons on it. At this point you can close the window. It will now take CMC 24 hours after running cadpass to grant your local account access to the Cadence/Synopsys/Mentor tools.

If you run into licensing issues after this, please email Jason and he should be able to help.