MATLAB License Upgrade Guide

Regarding the validation process, licensed end users will automatically receive a notice that a new license file is available once any update is done to the TAH license (i.e., tools added or end dates changes). The notice will appear during the standard 30 day check which occurs when validation is set. Should an end user not be able to obtain the new/updated information as a result of the validation process not completing automatically, they can get around the issue using one of a few different methods:

  • If the license is still valid (i.e., before expiration date) users can go to Help Menu in MATLAB and select Licensing and then Update Current License.
  • If the license has already expired the user can reactivate MATLAB: There are a few ways that you can start the activation process once MATLAB has been installed. See the information below for your operating system.

Instructions for upgrading the license on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X.


Step 1: Run Matlab Activation Client

Click on the Start Menu, then MATLAB, then R2008b then Activate MATLAB R2008b.

Step 2: Activate Automatically Using Internet

Select Activate Automatically Using Internet then click Next.

Step 3: Login to Matlab

Login to Matlab using the account you created when you downloaded MATLAB. Then click Next.

Step 4: Select the License

Click Select a license, then click on the TAH license. Then click Next.

Step 5: Confirm Settings

Click Activate.

Step 5: Finish Activation

Click Finish.

Instructions for Upgrading MATLAB on Mac OS X

Locate the MATLAB installation folder (typically /Applications), right-click the MATLAB application icon and select "Show Package Contents", then double click to run the Activate application.

Instructions for Upgrading MATLAB on Unix/Linux

To launch the activation client, you will need to use the script in the $MATLAB/bin folder. To launch this script:

  • Open a Terminal window.
  • In the Terminal window, run the following commands:
    cd $MATLAB/bin

    (where $MATLAB is the MATLAB installation folder)

Once you have started the activation client, the activation process is the same as during the installation.

NOTE: If you have a Designated Computer activation type, you may need to deactivate the license before you are able to reactivate.

  • The user can update the license file from within MATLAB. This is accomplished by clicking Help > Licenses > Update License File
  • The user can log on to his/her MathWorks account, and obtain a new license file from their License Center. They will want to select their license, then click Activation and Installation. The updated license file can be downloaded from there. This is used to activate a machine manually (the second option in the activation client), once the application to re-activate a machine has been launched per the above instructions.