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New Dean of Engineering and Applied Science

I am pleased to inform you of the appointment of Dr. Stalin Boctor as Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The appointment is for a five year term effective July 1, 2002.

In championing the advancement of engineering and applied science education at Ryerson, Stalin Boctor has demonstrated a level of energy, determination, and commitment that would be exceedingly difficult to surpass. Since joining the Electrical Engineering Department in 1971 he has been centrally involved in virtually every phase of the drive to professional accreditation, beginning with extensive curriculum reform in his home department . His administrative leadership qualities have been evident in his two terms as Chair of Electrical Engineering (1986-1996), in his current position of Associate Dean (1997-present), and in a wide range of specific tasks and committee work undertaken on behalf of the Faculty. In addition to holding the associate Deanship, Dr. Boctor is Program Director of the highly successful Computer Networks graduate program.

Stalin's contributions have extended well beyond his own Faculty to include the engineering profession and Ryerson as a whole. He has been a member of several accreditation teams on behalf of the Canadian Engineering Board, a Program Visitor for Electrical and Computer Engineering at five Canadian universities, and a member of the Admissions and Advancement Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Within Ryerson he has served on a wide range of committees and task forces including the GPA Review Committee, the Periodic Program Review Committee, and various search committees, among others. Stalin has authored or co-authored three textbooks in the electrical engineering field. For five years he was Program Manager and Technical Advisor to a Canadian Universities Technology Consortium human resources development project in Thailand.

Stalin received his Ph.D from the University of Waterloo and is a registered Professional Engineer.

At this time I would like to thank Derek Northwood, the outgoing Dean, for the leadership he has provided during his term of office. The past five years have seen some very important achievements in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science - an improved accreditation status, the implementation of five graduate programs, and significant growth in SRC activity, to name a few. For his role in these accomplishments, we owe Dr. Northwood our gratitude.

Errol Aspevig
Vice President, Academic

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