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2003 Academic Policies

  1. All students in full and part-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs (as well as Diploma in Arts students) are required to activate and maintain a Ryerson University central Matrix e-mail account which shall be an official means by which they will receive University communications. It is also recommended that, where possible, students utilize this account for communicating with their instructors.

  2. The revised Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals Policy becomes effective for the Fall semester. The basis of this policy is that issues need to be resolved as they arise. Students must deal with their unforseen circumstances as soon as they affect their academic performance. If they do not, they will compromise their ability to successfully appeal a grade or standing.

  3. The new Student Code of Academic Conduct is also on the Academic Council website. There are clear definitions of what is considered misconduct and the associated penalties.

  4. Turnitin.com - There will be sessions scheduled for those who would like an introduction to this service. Ryerson subscribes to this, and there is no cost to departments or individuals for its use. The service has been greatly improved over the last year, and the faculty who have been using it are pleased with its deterrent effect.

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