2003 Academic Achievement Awards

The 2003 Academic Achievement Awards ceremony and reception was held on Thursday November 6, 2003.

The Awards Committee, chaired by Diane Kennedy, was composed of the following members: Richard Cheung, Xavier Fernando, Mike Kassam, Juri Silmberg, Jacob Levman, and Yvonne Cordwell.

The awards are decided on the basis of grade point scores, or where applicable, a combination of grade point scores and unique criteria pertaining to the particular award.

For a complete list of award recipents, please refer to the 2003 Awards Program.

1. Group picture
at the reception.

2. Ronesh Puri,
Natasha Alves  

3. April Khademi,
Danoush Hosseinzadeh,
Sri Krishnan

4.Mike Holmes, seated;
Gennady Kalyta, standing;
Diane Kennedy, seated.

5. Chris Stoute,
Lixian Liao,
Yvonne Cordwell

6. David George, Azcar Tech.,
Chris Stoute,
Mohammad S. Monafared

7. Chris Stoute,
Mahsa Kowsari

8. Mike Holmes,
Gennady Kalyta

9. Diane Kennedy,
Robert Rand

10. Gul Khan,
Zhipeng Zeng

11. Bin Wu,
Ryan Caldwell

12. Chris Stoute,
Robert Cheng

13. Lisa Anderson,
April Khademi

14. Alagan Anpalagan,
Syer Mahboob

15. Mehmet Zeytinoglu,
Steven Liss,
Errol Aspevig

Photo Credits: Nripendra Malhotra; camera used: Canon PowerShot G2

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