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Governor General Gold Medal Award

The winner of the only Governor General Gold Medal (GGGM) for Ryerson University's 2003-04 academic year is Serhat Erkucuk, MASc graduate from ELCE in September 2003. The GGGM is awarded to students with excellent all-round performance in his/her graduate studies in a Canadian University.

The selection committee, consisting of faculty members with no conflict of interest and with none of their students in contention selects a nominee based on excellent academic performance, unanimous recommendation from the thesis exam committee, and participation in extracurricular activities and forwards it to the University Committee.

This year, the Department had 5 nominees who competed with candidates from other graduate programs and are evaluated by a University Committee and one of the nominees is awarded the GGGM.

The Governor General Gold Medal is a very reputed award in the academic and industrial circles, and Serhat's award, after the end of the first cycle of graduate students, serves as an icon for the Department's growth and reputation in the Graduate Studies.

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