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From: Ryerson Infoline
To: All members of the Ryerson Community
Subject: Hours of operation
Date: Mon, August 18, 2003

As you are aware, we are all being asked to reduce our electrical consumption by 50% to avoid rolling blackouts as utilities attempt to restore full electrical service to the province.

Accordingly, beginning tomorrow and continuing until further notice, the Ryerson University work day will be reduced to the period 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Some exceptions will be necessary. Deans and senior directors will have the authority to determine such exceptions, and will advise the appropriate Vice President to ensure proper arrangements are in place with Security.

All members of the Ryerson Community are also urged to be vigilant in turning off all non-essential electrical equipment, and to shut off lights and computers whenever possible. We should all consider it our civic duty to undertake whatever measures we can to assist in this important effort.

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