ENG Building Closes Early on Dec. 1

The ENG building will close at 5:00 PM Wednesday Dec. 1, 2004 for further tests of the sprinkler system. Occupants are asked to leave the building before 5:00 and remove any personal items and documents that may be damaged, if a sprinkler happens to leak.

Sprinkler testing will begin at 5:00 PM and is scheduled to continue until midnight; the test involves draining the sprinklers, zone-by-zone in the entire building and charging them to 1.5x normal water-pressure for 2 hours.

All computer equipment in undergraduate and graduate labs will be covered with tarpaulins to protect against possible sprinkler leaks when the system is tested.


Undergraduate computer labs will begin going offline as each lab finishes. All undergraduate labs that are scheduled to continue past 4:00 PM are cancelled as protective covers have to be in place by 5:00 PM.

Graduate labs will be shut-down and covered beginning at 12 noon.

The EE network (files, email, internet access, etc.) will be shutdown by 5:00 PM and remain offline until 12 midnight.


Sprinkler leak in ENG413 that occured on Nov. 25th.

Weather forecast for the ENG building: chance of showers, ending at midnight.