2004 Charrette

For the first time in its seven year history, twelve engineering students enrolled in the ELE829 elective (System Modeling and Identification), participated in the annual Faculty of Community Services Charrette which took place from February 6-8, 2004.

Forty-four students from School of Business, Urban Design, Social Work, Nursing, Health & Safety and Engineering, supported by a team of instructors from several faculties at Ryerson, explored the topic of “Designing Learning Environments that Work” in this interdisciplinary workshop. The discussions about issues such as student diversity and learning styles, use of technology in teaching, and physical and social environment on the Ryerson campus, culminated with presentations on Sunday afternoon, judged by a panel of experts.

Participating students praised the event as an opportunity to meet and work with people from outside their field of expertise, to improve on their team building skills, their conflict resolution and presentation skills, and to contribute to a dialogue about the future of Ryerson. The various multimedia presentations included investigative reporting, role playing and a game-show.

All the students participating in the event were allowed to substitute their team's charrette score for an assignment of their choice in their regular course. The twelve ELE829 students: Vino Jeganathan, Syer Mahboob, Bassam Ahmad, Kamyar Kashani, Sam Sadeghi, Drew Denton, Derron Lyn, Pedram Varjavandi, Delaram Karimi, Stephen Spence, Karen Ebden and Rob Demarco will disseminate their charrette experiences by acting as “process coaches” for their colleagues, back in the class, preparing multimedia presentations on control systems topics.

Sponsors of the 2004 Charrette included the Learning and Teaching Office, the Faculties of Business and Community Services and the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Urban Design. The event was coordinated by Catherine McCarthy, from the Department of Social Work. The generous support for the event provided by Sri Krishnan, Chair of ELCE, is gratefully acknowledged by all ELE829 participants and their instructor.


One of the teams including Derron Lyn and Pedram Varjavandi.

The lunch spread.

Karen Ebden & Rob Demarco, participants in Ryerson Feud.

A view of "The Pit" where the presentations took place.

Judges: Bill Glassman, Lennie Scott-Weber, Gosha Zywno.

Another team including Syer Mahboob and Vino Jeganathan.

Taking a break: Bassam Ahmad, Sam Sadeghi, Vino Jeganathan, Pedram Varjavandi, Kamyar Kashani & Drew Denton.

Cathy McCarthy and Judy Britnell.