Toronto Branch

September 2004

Technical Meeting in conjunction with Younger Member Section

Control and Monitoring of MV/LV Power Distribution Systems


Ajit Bapat

Ajit Bapat, well known in the electrical distribution field in Canada, holds Master's Degrees in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering, specializing in Power Systems and Power System Protection, and has particular interest in ground fault protection, digital metering systems, microprocessor based integrated systems for protection, metering, monitoring and control of power distribution systems. Ajit is responsible for the National Consultant Program at Schneider Electric Canada.

The presentation will discuss integration of web technologies with power equipment making it very cost effective and convinient to Monitor and Control the power distribution network. Obtaining remotely the energy use information, controlling demand, increasing utilization of equipment, increasing reliability by avoiding down time, obtaining advance warnings of impending failures or trip outs and getting sequence of events to determine the cause of circuit breaker tripping are easily accomplished by using Standard PC , Ethernet LAN and the web browser. It has become the way to monitor, troubleshoot and analyse power quality problems.

The presentation will also cover typical LAN network architechture and the screens to show how this can be done.

Place: International Room

Ryerson International Convention Centre

240 Jarvis Street at Gerrard, M5B 2L1

Date: Thursday 30th September, 2004

Time: 6.15 p.m. Refeshments and Sandwiches

7.00 p.m. Presentation

IEE members, Ryerson staff and students, and guests are cordially invited to attend

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